Post-Cinema and The Future of Digital Images

, par Laure Voileau

Cinema has often helped us imagining our future : but what about the future of cinema itself ? After remaining soundly in movie theaters for several decades, moving images seem to have expended their territory dramatically : every new technological device (TV sets, personal computers, smartphones, and soon virtual reality headsets) has triggered the emergence of new filmic forms, and contributed to making digital images an essential component of our contemporary environment.

How can we grasp these moving images ? How are they watched, perceived, understood ? How can these flows be captured, represented, dissected – in an written or audiovisual form ? What new forms of narratives, both fictional and analytical, do they convene ?

Digital filmmaker Kevin B. Lee and Prof. Dork Zabunyan will discuss the ongoing acceleration of flows of visual information and its stake on the aesthetics, politics and economics of these videos, as well as the convergence of scholarly research and artistic creation when it comes to imagining the future of digital images.


Kevin B. Lee is one of the most well known and productive protagonists in the field now known as “Videographic Film Studies,” or more generally, the “Video Essay” genre. Over the last ten years Lee has produced more than 300 short, analytical videos in which film reflects on film, sounds and images comment on, analyse and criticise other sounds and images. His desktop documentary “Transformers. The Premake” (2014) was screened widely on internatonal film festivals. He is currently staying in Berlin for the first Residency of the Harun Farocki Institut.

Dork Zabunyan is Professor in Film Studies at Paris 8 University. His main publications include “Foucault va au cinéma” (Bayard 2011), “Les Cinémas de Gilles Deleuze” (Bayard 2011), “Passages de l’histoire” (Le Gac Press, 2013), and most recently “L’insistance des luttes” (De l’incidence éditeur, 2016). He contributes regularly to Les Cahiers du cinéma, Trafic, Critique and artpress.

Chloé Galibert-Laîné is a filmmaker and a researcher. She is currently enrolled in the ‘research and creation’ PhD program SACRe at the École normale supérieure de Paris. Her current academic and video work focuses on film reception, film memories, digital found footage and remix practices.

La séance est ouverte à tou.te.s, et aura lieu en français (intervention de Dork Zabunyan) et en anglais (intervention de Kevin B. Lee).

Postdigital est financé par Paris Sciences Lettres Research University.
Programme dirigé par Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel et Alexandre Cadain.